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Accessing law Barristers direct can sometimes prove an impossible task. BarristerDirect.org.uk has changed this barrister access from impossible to simple. We can provide you access to 100’s of barristers directly across England and Wales.

You can get the expert legal advice you need direct from a barrister at a fixed fee. We can provide a no obligation quote – potentially saving you thousands of pounds.

We can provide access to a Barrister if you are a member of the general public or a business – giving you access to legal advice or representation. The quote is FREE –┬áif you are not happy with you it you are under no obligation whatsoever to proceed.


Find a Barrister

You may need legal advice or representation and you probably assume that your only route to gain this is via a solicitor. This is wrong – there is another option.

Our service enables you to search a huge panel of Barristers. They can provide you with a quote for their work. Obtaining this quote is 100% free of charge – and if you decide not proceed there is also no fee. In many cases a Barrister can be cheaper than a solicitor.

We will ensure that you are only using a Barrister that is an expert in your specific law subject. Gaining direct access to a Barrister could ensure you receive the expert advice and/or representation you require at a cost that it affordable.

Legal Problems?

If you have legal problems or concerns, in any areas, then you could find that instructing a barrister directly could benefit you.

Instructing a barrister for business or a barrister for personal matters are all possible via us at BarristerDirect.org.uk. There are many areas covered by our Barristers but some will include Divorce, Building Disputes, Employment, Personal Injury and Motoring areas. There are many other areas covered – a simply enquiry on our form could see you enter the first stage of a resolution.

Business areas such as Commercial Property, Competition or Company Law are covered but there are many other areas that our Barristers can assist with. A simple enquiry could be the first step towards a resolution.